www.norton.com/setup – Installing Norton with Product Key – Norton Setup

Norton.com/setup – Today’s time is known for information technology which has made an identity through special software and applications that are developing technology, but there are some software which cyber criminals have created which we are very badly victimized like some criminal If someone misuses your personal information with the software created, then someone steals your bank account and steals money, all these cyber In order to prevent crimes, a reliable computer antivirus program is required in your system, and to speak of it, Norton is the most used antivirus in the world and the foremost who has a lot of identity, after buying Norton Antivirus. You can create a Norton account by following the instructions by visiting www.norton.com/setup official website

The Norton Product Key is an alphanumeric key of 25 characters that comes in handy for downloading, installing, and then installing Norton, which is more needed when a user wants to subscribe to Norton or activate the plan. Norton product key is searched in two ways

  • Offline: – You will get a coupon on the software retail card or on the CD or DVD in the box, you can remove it by scratching it.
  • Online: – In this, you will get the product key at the registered email address when you buy the product online.

With the help of the guide given below, users can download the software on their browser.

download Norton setup

Guide to Firefox

  • User must have high speed internet connectivity
  • Open the firefox Browser and either type the link www.norton.com/setup
  • Sign in with Norton account or create a new account if you are a new user
  • Now Enter the product key and hit enter
  • Snap on Download on the Norton subscription page
  • Then Select Save button
  • Run the downloaded file to initiate installation
  • After completion of installation click on close

Guide to Microsoft Edge:

  • Open the Microsoft edge browser and either type the URL norton.com/setup
  • Snap on Sign in or Create a account for New user
  • Put in the norton activation code and hit enter
  • Next, Move mouse cursor on download
  • Save this file after download
  • Now the Norton product is downloaded into your system.

Guide to Chrome:

  • Operate to Norton com setup
  • Then operate to Sign up or Sign in
  • After logged in, Insert to Norton product code.
  • Go over download
  • Save this file using mouse pointer or enter button
  • Finally, product downloaded

Learn to Install Norton Setup

Guide to Windows

  • Start your browser on Windows system
  • Remove the previous antivirus on your system if any
  • Go to the download folder or press the ctrl+H key in which the download file will be found
  • Hit on the continue and then procseed next
  • Note: before going to next process, accept and read Norton legal document and instructions on your screen
  • Your Windows system is ready for the installation process
  • Norton installation process is complete

Guide to Mac

  • First of all, open the web browser on mac
  • Operate to Norton com setup
  • Sign in and if you’re a new user then first build an account
  • When signed in, provide the Activation code for the app
  • Pick Norton program to add to your computer
  • Now get ready to download your favorite software
  • After that, when the download finishes, launch the Norton install package

Learn to Activate Norton Setup

  • In address bar, Visit Official link www.norton.com/setup
  • Do sign in for Norton account from Norton homepage
  • Now, put registered e-mail and secure password
  • Fill in personal details
  • Then, ‘Enter a product key’
  • Click on “>” icon
  • In this window screen, Read and accept Term and condition option
  • Now we come to the new screen, it has to fill its billing and payment information
  • Choose “Agree and continue” button
  • Finally, select the “Continue” button to proceed